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Also known as: Sansweet su 100, Aspasvit, Sucrazit
Sucralose is a disaccharide derivative consisting of 4-chloro-4-deoxy-alpha-D-galactopyranose and 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-beta-D-fructofuranose units linked by a glycosidic bond. It has a role as an environmental contaminant, a xenobiotic and a sweetening agent. It is a disaccharide derivative and an organochlorine compound.
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Ingredient(s): Sucralose
Dosage Form: Capsule, Suspension, Syrup, Tablet
Category: Taste Masking
Route of Administration (Grade): Oral
Pharmacopoeia Reference: IP, BP, EP, USP
Technical Specifications: USDMF- 25112

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