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Also known as: Amberlite, Amberlite xe 58, Duolite

Ion Exchange Resins occur as granules, powders, and suspensions called Ion Exchange Resin (granule), Ion Exchange Resin (powder), and Ion Exchange Resin (suspension), respectively.


Also known as: Kollicream ipm

Isopropyl myristate is a polar emollient and is used in cosmetic and topical medicinal preparations where good absorption into the skin is desired. Isopropyl myristate is being studied as a skin enhancer....


Also known as: Palatinit excipient

Isomalt, a sugar alcohol (disaccharide alcohol) derived from sugar beet, is one such excipient. With physical and chemical modifications, a tailor-made pharmaceutical isomalt (galenIQTM) has been developed...