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R & D, Producing & Sale of Heparin Products

API Manufacturing >> GMP Manufacturing >> Overview

Changshan Pharm has been endeavored in the researching & developing, producing and sale of heparin products and gradually led around China in heparin API and preparation.


Custom Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Impurities

API & Drug Product Development >> API Development >> Custom Synthesis

R&D center is located in High-tech park of Shanghai with area about 1,000 square meters. It is equipped with chemical synthesis room, formulation room and advanced instrument room. What’s more, there are 5 professionals focusing on new drug development.


Highly Engineered Fluorinated or other Specialty Chemicals

API Manufacturing >> Contract Manufacturing >> Overview

Chemspec has built up one R&D center (12,000M2) and 4 production sites in mainland China, which enable them to provide integrated services from R&D to commercial production with timely delivery of high-quality products at competitive price.


Intermediates Manufacturing

API Manufacturing >> Fine Chemical / Intermediate >> Overview

Shouyuan chemical specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and custom synsthesis latest chemicals. Our products cover all kinds of range like pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, surfactants and other specialty chemicals.


New Process Development & New Product Development

API & Drug Product Development >> API Development >> Process Development & Optimization

Shanghai R&D center, namely Shanghai Parling PharmaTech Co.,Ltd, is responsible for new process development and new product development.


Solubility Determination

Analytical >> Analytical Testing Services >> Overview

Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd (Rainbowlabs) is a FDA-inspected laboratory set up to provide high quality laboratory testing and services to pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.


Health Supplements (Nutraceuticals) in Softgel Capsules

Drug Product Manufacturing >> Softgel Capsule >> Overview

Sirio has granted two patent applications in developing chewable softgel products with excellent mouth feel and taste, which is a favorite dosage form among consumers and suitable for both of the adults and children. first company producing fish oil softg


Cold Forming Blister Foil

Packaging >> Materials >> Foil / Film

100 % barrier against water vapor, gases, light etc., excellent formability, high degree of thermal stability, high malleability for deep drawing blister cavities’, high aesthetic appeal, sealable with aluminum lidding foil, colorful surface.


Experienced & Mature Professional Marketing Team in China

Sales, Marketing, Registration >> Market Research & Strategy >> China

Pharmacare is one of the subsidiary companies of CONBA group, which is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies as well as a listed company in China, with more than 3000 sales representatives.


Research & Marketing of Antibiotic & Chemical APIs in China

Sales, Marketing, Registration >> Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients >> China

Guangdong Zesheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a research and marketing integrated, specialized, standardized and networked large-scale pharmaceutical company. Business scope: Chinese traditional patent medicines, chemical drugs , chemical API, antibiotic A