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10 Sep 2019


Tender// Various finished formulations needed in Ethiopia [ENA05118]
A company offering advice and independent consultancy to a health care facility is looking for suppliers of various finished formulations mentioned below:
1. Azithromycin (1 gm) tablets - 557,033 units
2. Ceftriaxone (250 mg) in vial powder for injection - 179,233 units
3. Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (150mg/ml) in 1ml vial injection (Aqueous suspension) with syring 3ml 21G needle - 6,311,190 units
4. Oxytocin (10 Units/ml) in 1ml Ampoule Injection - 144,316 units
5. Penicillin G Benzathine (2.4 MIU) Powder for injection - 20,693 units
6. Zinc ORS Pack (2 sachet ORS 20.5mg/l + 10 Zinc 20 mg dispersible tablet) - 7,000,000 units
7. Chloroquine Phosphate (50mg base/5ml) syrup - 147,735 units.

Comments :

We can support you with all the mentioned items, pls mail us with your detailed requirements and terms.

17:01,  10 Sep 2019

Please share ur email to submit quotes

17:33,  10 Sep 2019

Please send details to me and we are manufacturing formulation s from last 30 years

18:47,  10 Sep 2019

Greetings from Bascham Life Sciences

We are pleased to inform you that we can support this requirement. Kindly share your contact details on our email to proceed further

Bascham Life Sciences Team
Pharmaceuticals l API l Chemicals l Drugs l Formulation l Generics

01:30,  11 Sep 2019

Dear sir/madam
We are whole sale distributror of Drug product substance, we are working on Genric/Harmonal/onco drug substance and drug product / if ur interested for same we will provide u for best quate for same .
We have facility for third party mfg.

17:45,  15 Sep 2019

please contact , as we are exporter from Egypt , as well as , we had our partners for brands in UK , Belgium & free zones in Dubai .

00:43,  18 Sep 2019

Hello Gentleman!

We are Xtrek Life-science Pvt. ltd. from India. Please contact us on with detailed information on your requirements with all terms.

WhatsApp: +91-8200210236

22:29,  20 Sep 2019

we can provide you few products

14:42,  25 Sep 2019

we can provide you few products

14:42,  25 Sep 2019


Greetings of the day,

We can support you with above requirement. Kindly request you to email us for detailed information.

Thank you.

16:07,  01 Oct 2019
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