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09 Aug 2019


Looking for a GMP approved CMO to manufacture 1% Propofol solution for Injection [ENA04863]
A specialty pharmaceutical firm, based in the United States, focused on the development of next-generation proprietary formulations of sterile injectable drugs is looking for a GMP approved CMO to manufacture the Propofol sterile solution for GLP stability and animal PK studies. Details related to the project are as follows:
1. 1% propofol solution (20 ml) for injection
2. It is a simple mixing process i.e., 1% propofol mix with 2% of the Sugar-lipid-PEG (excipient) in 5% dextrose at room or cool temperature.
3. 1000 vials will be needed
No special equipment will be needed.

Comments :

Dear Sir/Madam

Please send your Enquiries for Any API Requirements on
we will offer you best competitive Rate with supporting Documents like COA, MOA, MSDS, GMP, DMF, CEP, TSE/BSE, Stability Data Sheet

15:36,  10 Aug 2019

Hello Sir,
Can offer the finished product if interested

23:09,  20 Aug 2019
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