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27 Aug 2019


Various formulations needed in Republic of Kazakhstan [ENA05004]
A pharmaceutical company actively operating markets in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia is looking for suppliers of below formulations:
1. Acetylcysteine (200 mg) + Ambroxol HCl (30 mg) tablets
2. Acetylcysteine (200 mg) + Ambroxol HCl (30 mg) powder for oral solution in sachet
3. Ascorbic acid (200 mg) + Ambroxol HCl (30 mg) powder for oral solution in sachet
4. Ambroxol HCl (20 mg) + Sodium Glycyrrhizinate (30mg) + Thermopsis Extract (10mg) + Sodium Bicarbonate (200mg) tablets
5. Ambroxol HCl (10 mg) + Sodium Glycyrrhizinate (30mg) + Thymes Extract (500mg) syrup
6. Ambroxol HCl (15 mg) + Carbocisteine (100mg) syrup
7. Butamirate Citrate (7.5 mg) syrup
8. Butamirate Citrate (7.5 mg) drops for baby
9. Butamirate Citrate (50 mg) sustained release tablet
10. Thyme dry extract + marshmallow root dry extract +pastilles (1 lozenge contains: 51.1 mg of dry thyme extract (drug extract ratio 7-13: 1; extractant water) and 4.5 mg marshmallow root extract (drug extract ratio, 7-9: 1; extractant water).

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09:22,  29 Aug 2019

Hello Sir/Madam,
Can offer 1), 2), 3) and 10).

12:11,  29 Aug 2019

Please email :

22:53,  29 Aug 2019

Dear Patron,

We can help you with your requirements.
Please email you inquiry on

15:29,  30 Aug 2019

hello, I am Justin from Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group in China, we are the APIs and FDF manufacturer.

We will work on your inquiry, please send inquiry to my email

Tel., WhatsApp and Wechat: +86 15261051195


QQ: 348196586

06:22,  03 Sep 2019

For more details please email us
SKYPE ID. NouryonChemltd
Tel: +1571-399-6898

09:22,  13 Sep 2019

Please provide contact information for quotation.

13:23,  16 Sep 2019

Hello Gentleman!

We are Xtrek Life-science Pvt. ltd. from India. Please contact us on with detailed information on your requirements with all terms.

WhatsApp: +91-8200210236

22:41,  20 Sep 2019

We will be happy to explore this lead if still open

16:22,  10 Oct 2019

We will be happy to explore this lead

17:15,  10 Oct 2019
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